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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

BBA Challenge: Bagels

This weeks challenge was homemade bagels. I was SO excited to make bagels as I have never done it before. Where I live here in Wisconsin we purchase our bagels in the freezer isle or the refrigerated isle near the orange juice. Well...these bagels that I made were the best bagels I ever had in my life and my whole family agreed. Some of my fellow bloggers that are doing this challenge are from New York and they had different opinions on bagels. I fear I may not be a bagel connoisseur but when it comes to cheese.....

The sponge, it seemed thick.

The sponge after 2 hours.

This dough was VERY hard to kneed. I could not do it in my mixer so I did it by hand and it took about 30 minutes. My wrist were getting sore so my window I decided was good enough. I found high gluten flour which I think is why the dough was so hard. I did have to add some extra water as I was going along.

Balls scaled out to about 4.5 oz.

Bagels are formed.

Bagels a day later, after proofing.

Bagels were boiled then topped with seeds and baked.

The finished product, served warm
from the oven. Yum.
Thank you Chris from for hosting this challenge.


  1. Those do look great, Coz. Thanks for posting the picture of the dry-looking sponge. I was nervous enough about that that I added more water. But it's good to know it would have still turned out good!