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Friday, January 21, 2011

BBA Challange: Greek Celebration Bread

This weeks challange was a Greek Celebration Bread. I went for the barm method which meant I had to make a seed culture. I have never done anything like this but I was up for the challange. The seed culture starts out in day 1 and day 2 adding flour and pineapple juice together
Day 1 Day 2

Day 3 Includes adding water and flour. Day 3 is the day I started to smell that sour dough scent and it was getting exciting!!!

Day 4 involves tossing some of the seed culture out and adding more flour and water. The picture on the left is once the ingredients were added and the picture on the right is after 24 hours. This is the day it started to proof.

Day 5 The culture had not proofed enough so I did some internet research and re-did the steps from day 4 to give it more time.

Day 6: It is ready!!!! The picture on the left is the final mix and the 2 on the right is after 24 hours.

Barm: Using the seed culture which is added to flour and water the barm is started. Cover it with plastic and overnight it proofed.

Ingredients including barm are added to mixer and kneeded until the window pane appears. After that the fruit is added and the dough is placed in an oilded bowl to proof.

proofed dough turned out on counter, cut, formed, and some put aside into the refridgerator.

The bread is turned into a round and some leftover dough rolled out into ropes and then placed on the bread in the decorative style.

Finshed Product, I brushed the glaze on the bread and topped it with sesame seeds.
For more discussion on this bread please go to His name is Chris and he is hosting our BBA challanges. Thank you Chris!!


  1. Looks good! I think mine tasted better after I pulled some out of the freezer the other day. The flavors seem to intensify. Wish I had used my sourdough to start this one, I think that would have improved the flavor also.

  2. Hey, GCB looks tasty. All the steps didn't fit my schedule last week but I got the bagels posted today. The BBA Challenge is good to get me to try the recipes I would tend to skip. Brioche pans? All the years I have been baking bread, I have not made a brioche... not buying a pan.... may do the loaf shape and try some in a muffin tin.... I know that is not the best; it will do for now.... have fun baking