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Saturday, January 15, 2011

BBA Challange: Anadama Bread

I am so excited to be part of the BBA Challange! What is that exactly? Well let me explain. I stumbled across a blog akuindeed and read about challanges that were held in the past using the cookbook by Peter Reinhart called Bread Baker's Apprentice. Akuindeed is organizing another challange and it started this week. I ran out to Border's and bought the book. I read all the intro while on an airplane ride and now I am posting my first challange. More information may be found here:
This bread originally was baked in New England.

The first step is to soak a mixture of coarse cornmeal and water overnight. Included are the before and after 24 hours of soaking.

I added the corn meal soaker to some other ingredients and mixed. On the right is after the mixture sat for an hour. Notice the bubbles from the yeast that are starting to activate.

I added the rest of the ingredients and mixed it all together.

The dough finished mixing. Placed in an oiled bowl.

The dough after it proofed.

I scaled the dough out into
2 even pieces.

I formed the 2 loaves.

I had one metal pan and one
glass pan. Here are the before and
after loaves when done proofing.

The loaves out of the oven.

I sliced the loaf while stil warm
I couldn't wait. It has some
texture to it from the cornmeal.
It is very yummy!!!
Thanks for the challange
Chris from


  1. Those loaves look delicious, Coz. So did you forego the kneading completely? I didn't see any reference to it in your post.

  2. Oh, I must have forgot that part-I took a picture of my window pane but it didn't turn out so I must have spaced out including it-I'll have to add that in. I kneeded it in my mixer.

  3. Those are nice loafs! I wish mine had risen as much as yours did. I can tell this is going to be quite an experience! I love to learn....