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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Doughnuts 2

Today is my birthday and it is also Easter/Resurrection Sunday. This Holiday happens on the 24th of April about once every 300 years. So today was fun. I got up at 2 am and started frying doughnuts. When it is coffee and doughnut time at Church...perish the thought of store bought doughnuts. My Sister was up visiting so she got up and helped me. I did danish, bear claws, doughnuts, coffee cakes. All the fillings were scratch made and I made ganache with imported Belguim chocolate. The above picture is the back hatch of my car. There is more in the back seats!!

Here is the before and after of all the dough. My Sister and I figured we worked on this project 23 hours total!! Everyone loved it!


  1. Happy birthday! Wow, those look so very good! Why am I always drooling when I read your posts?

  2. Belated Happy Birthday!!
    2 am to make doughnuts! Wish we lived nearby!! Just an amazing variety of fried and baked goodies . like Joanne i'm craving some !!