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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

BBA Challenge: Focaccia

This weeks challenge was focaccia. I admit I was dragging my feet on this one as I have made so many focaccia for years at a previous job. I was remembering the bakers which taught me my technique and reading the book, this technique is SO different. It is human nature to not embrace change so much as I was stuck in my way's but....I am a bread bakers apprentice so I must try it. I am SO glad I did. After all those years I will now have a new recipe and a new technique!!!

I mixed the dough and left it on the counter to rest. I then went thru 3 times of stretching it and folding it like an envelope. While the dough was resting I made my herb oil. I used fresh herbs, basil, thyme and rosemary. I added some garlic, salt and pepper.

I decided to put my dough on my stone. I did not do the wax paper. I was a little nervous if the dough would stick but it worked. I oiled up the stone and put the dough on the stone then added the dough and shaped the focaccia.

I formed the focaccia and put in the the refridgerator over night. It rose up some. I then left it on the counter and let it rise another 3 hours. I baked the focaccia and half way thru the baking time I sprinkled a mixture of parmesan and mozerella cheese. I was really happy with how my bread turned out and this is the first recipe my family got excited about!! Thank you Chris from for hosting our challenges.


  1. Beautiful crumb shot! I agree, this bread makes fantastic sandwiches and paninis!

  2. Great work! love all the fresh herbs!Used dried on mine,fresh a bit expensive, will wait for my garden herbs to make this again.

  3. Your's look so very good, makes my mouth water to see that sandwich! You mentioned you wanted to see my excel worksheet, would you like a link to it? I have it available in my google docs. It's not perfect, but I think it helps.

  4. That would be awesome. My google e-mail is I feel overwhelmed by bakers percent but I know I need to learn it! Thank you so much!!

  5. Coz -

    How did the old method differ from this one?

  6. The old method we would proof and form in the same day. We also put the dough on a big pan and used a rolling pin and rolled it into shape to fit the pan. We did not carefully form it with just our fingers. We had some of the herb in the dough and brushed the dough with our herb oil but not as much as this recipe. Once done we put it in the proof box for a quick rise and baked it off. Technique is everything isn't it.