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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

BBA Challenge: English Muffins

This weeks BBA challenge was english muffins. I have never made them before and never even knew how it was done. This was exciting. I will admit, they tasted good but they were not perfection. Read along and learn from my mistakes.

I kneeded the dough and let it rise. Then I was going to equally scale the dough but I dropped my scale and broke it. Guess I need to purchase another one. I had to eyeball my dough balls. This recipe makes 6 english muffins. Once I had my balls made I put them on a cookie sheet with wax paper that is sprayed with oil and covered with corn meal. I then sprayed the top of the balls with oil and covered with corn meal. I allowed the balls to proof.

Once the balls were proofed they were put in my cast iron skillet to fry up. I had my pan too hot. The book said to cook them 5-8 minutes per side-I would have burnt them bad. So one side of my english muffins looked real burnt but the other side looked much better. I decided to keep the burnt muffin pictures to myself. I baked the muffins and my gut was that they were not ready but I had already let them go about 6 more minutes then the book said so I pulled them. My gut was right-they were doughy in the middle. Next time I will have the fry pan at a med-low heat and I won't use my cast iron pan-it just doesn't heat even. My muffins still tasted really good. I toasted them up which took care of some of the doughiness.

Thank you Chris from for hosting our challenges.


  1. This is one thing I really appreciate about blogging through this challenge....everyone is taking "notes" and I know the next time we make these, it will be perfect!!

  2. Sorry about your scale! That to me would be a major loss, I weigh EVERYTHING! I agree with the temp needing to be less, I did three at a time and the first ones were really dark. I will turn mine down to 275 next time, maybe a little less so that when I toast them they aren't black. Mine cooked pretty well, but I preheated my pizza stone and baked them on that. That breakfast plate looks really good...

  3. That's a hearty breakfast!I used a electic griddle with a temp setting,when my wife bought it some 10 years ago for $20 bucks,my response was what do we need that for!It has become one of my appreciated pieces of equipment,after the kitchen aid mixer of course!I had also purchased a postal type scale on Ebay fpr about $20,including shipping,works well for me in the kitchen also.
    I whole heatedly agree with Frieda, we all have gained so much more by sharing in these Thanks to all..
    I believe every goof is just another way of learning how not to do something.

  4. Coz -

    It must be hard to read the temp with the cast iron skillet. It was very simple with the griddle, but if you don't have one, I'm not sure how else you'd do it -- although Joanne's stone idea makes some sense!