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Sunday, March 13, 2011

BBA Challenge: Corn Bread

This weeks challenge was corn bread. It was actually some of the best corn bread I've ever tasted. It was moist. It reminded me of a funny story....About a decade ago I was a weekend baker at a place and we made this awful muffin. Us bakers coined the muffin the sawdust muffin. The owner liked the muffin, they were healthy. One day the owner was not there to defend her recipe and a customer complained about the muffin. The manager came back and let us bakers have it and brought us a muffin and had us try it and told us how awful it was. Well....that was what it was suppose to taste like...sawdust. I realized from this that the baker is only as good as the recipe she is given. So how does this story tie in with corn bread. I have made corn bread in the past and it was dry. Now I wasn't me, a bad corn bread was the recipe!! Ah....confidence gained.

This recipe was easy-I soaked the corn meal overnight and then added all the ingredients into the bowl. I mixed by hand with a spatula, poured the batter in the pan and sprinkled the batter with bacon, and baked.

Thank you Chris from for hosting our BBA Challenges.


  1. Coz, like the story,and yes I know some recipes, need to be tweaked a bit,.Really like your photo that chili?We also thought this was a great recipe,have one in my other bread book by Bernard Clayton,a moist,onion,chedder, jalepeno corn bread.That was close to this one.I'll post the recipe on my blog.

  2. Beautiful photo shot! I loved the cornbread, too, sans corn kernels and made them into muffins for portion control....

  3. I'm with Jim - great photo!

    I'm practicing my own food photography, but I'm a bit of a novice. Beside, the cornbread this week came out so sloppy I don't think there was any way to get it to come out right!

  4. Boy, that photo makes me actually want to eat the cornbread! Presentation is so important in photos, and you did a good job with that one. What kind of corn did you use in your bread? Frozen or canned? I used frozen, and am wondering if I put in way more than I needed. My quick breads are always kinda dry and never moist, probably why I stick to regular breads!