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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

BBA Challenge: Pane Siciliano

This weeks challenge was Pane Siciliano. It takes 3 days to make this. First you make a pate fermentee. The next day you mix the dough and add the pate fermentee. The third day you form it. As you can see from the pictures the dough really grows. I think I could have not had all 3 on the same baking sheet for when I make this again. I still like the basic french bread best so far. Check out other attempts of Pane Siciliano at our host's website:


  1. Coz, did you do an overnite proof of the shaped loaves? What size pan is that, I use a bakery 1/2 sheet pan.

  2. Hi Jim, I did do an overnight proof. My pan is a stone and it is suppose to be a 1/2 sheet size also. I find the bread tasting better as it is a few days older.