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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Eddie's Graduation Cake

This is a chocolate Coca Cola Cake. The cake part is chocolate with Coca Cola, I then soaked Coca Cola into the layer and made my Coca Cola ganach. My Co-worker, Patrica made me the graduation cap and tassle out of fondant. That was So special to me as I'm always baking for everyone else I the fact that someone did something nice for me in the bakery relm was so appreciated. This cake is a full sheet cake, to do it in my home kitchen I baked two 12x18 sheets and put them together. I had leftovers of everything so I definatly did enough. I served ice cream with this cake and for hostess ease I had those individual ice cream cups to give with each slice of cake instead of me scooping ice cream. I put the individual serving cups on ice in a plastic container.


  1. Must be those lazy days of summer... combining the graduation cake with the birthday cake, then serving a ice cream cup w/ wooden spoon cause you don't want to scoop real ice cream. Did you use box cake mix and frosting as well?

  2. I did NOT use a cake mix-are you kidding! Cake mix is one of the worst food products to eat-high aluminum content that is known to cause all sorts of health problems, why cake mix is legal, who knows.