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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chocolale ganache wedding cake

This cake is a 14" square on the bottom and an 8" square on top. The bottom layer is all chocolate cake with raspberry filling while the top cake is white cake with all raspberry filling. The whole cake is frosted in chocolate ganache that was whipped. The cake was then put in the refridgerator to set up and then melted ganache was spread on the top and over the sides. The cake is decorated with chocolate dipped strawberries and chocolate roses.


  1. Yummy. What a great job on the flowers!

  2. Absolutely amazing!!! Great job. I need to make a 2 tiered cake for a birthday and wanted chocolate ganache as well, but would it be possible for me to paint on gold musical notes around the sides of cakes without spoiling the ganache thats already hardened? appreciate your reply as I am running out of time thank you.

  3. I'm not sure on this but what I would do is make the musical notes out of royal icing and then paint those and place them on the cake. Good luck!!