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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Funeral Sheet Cakes

I made both these cakes the same flavor. A white cake with a symple syrup with the juice of 2 oranges soaked into the layers. The filling was made with a homemade strawberry preserves and a classic french buttercream-I mixed the 2 together in equal parts. It made a beautiful pink color. The outside was frosted with Italian buttercream. I haven't had to do alot of cake decorating lately so I was not on my game as far as writing on the cake-I'm surprised that this is something that I need to do on a regular basis to stay good at it-I used to think I wrote good on cakes at one time but this is just OK. I think they still turned out beautiful and they tasted amazing. I made these cakes for 2 funerals that were help at Church this past weekend back to back. I will especially miss Kathryn whom I sat next to for the last 10 years. Until we meet again Kathryn.

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