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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chocolate Coca Cola Cake

Use your favorite Chocolate Cake recipe and sub in Coca Cola for some of the liquid. Once the cake is baked and cool soak some Coca Cola into the layers. Now, imagine covering the whole cake in truffle filling, Coca Cola truffle filling:

2 1/2 Cups Whipping Cream

1/2 Cup Coca Cola-room temperature

4 Cups Chocolate Chips

In a microwave or sauce pan heat the cream to a scald and add the chips and whisk until smooth then add the Coca Cola.

The secret to frosting the cake with Coca Cola Truffle Filling is to get it to the perfect usable temperature. This will take practice. Let it set up at room temperature-may take about 6 hours or put it in the refridgerator or freezer and stir frequently until it becomes a spreadable consistency. If it gets too thick microwave it. Only microwave it for 15 seconds at a time and stir as too not get it too runny again.

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