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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Patrice Baby Shower Cake

     This is a baby shower cake for my friend Patrice.  It is my first attempt at doing fondant covered cakes!!  What is special about this cake is the flavor.  It is a scratch made Peruvian Black Cake.  Several years ago Patrice had me do her wedding cake which is pictured.  In Peru the cakes have ribbons all over and one ribbon has a ring attached to it.  During the reception all the single ladies come up and grab hold of a ribbon and at the count of 3 they all pull a ribbon out and who ever has the ring attached to their ribbon is the next to be married.  Very much like the United States tradition of tossing the bouquet.

     The cake is an original recipe I invented for Patrice.  It took weeks of research to do this recipe as I could not find one on the internet.  Patrice gave me permission to give out the recipe so I will make it again soon and get the recipe posted with the instructions.  It takes minimum of 2 days to bake this cake due to other preparations.

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