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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lea's Napa Valley Inspired Granola

 This Granola recipe is my first try at creating something special for Lea.  As I looked over the ingredients she wanted me to incorporate I realized that many of the ingredients are produced in the Napa Valley.  It gave me inspiration to do something fun:

1 1/3 Cup Toasted Pecans
3 Cups Old Fashion Oats
1/2 Cup Flax Seed
1/2 tsp Coriander
1/2 Cup Brown Sugar
3/4 Cup Coconut
1/4 Cup Olive Oil
1/4 Cup Honey
1 Tbsp Maple Syrup
1 tsp. Vanilla
1/4 Cup White Wine
1 Cup Dried Cherries
1 Cup Mission Figs cut into fourths.
 Toast the pecans first for about 10 minutes. 
 Add olive oil, honey and vanilla into a bowl and microwave a minute
 Add oats, flax seed, coriander, brown sugar, coconut and the toasted pecans.  Mix together then add the oil mixture.  Lastly add the White Wine.  I used a dry Reisling.
 Spread the granola on a baking sheet and bake about 40 minutes.  Start by stirring every 10 minutes.  After 20 minutes stir every 5 minutes until toasty brown.
 In a seperate bowl add the cheeries and figs
This is the granola out of the oven.  Once slighly cool add the granola to the dried fruit and mix together.

Fun facts that I learned while doing this Granola for Lea. 
90% of the worlds pecans come from the United States.  California is the 2nd largest producer next to Georgia
I used Olive Oil in this Granola as the Napa Valley is a great producer of Olives.
Mission Figs were first produced in San Diego California and are now grown in the Napa Valley.
Cherries are grown in the Napa Valley and some of the cherries make it into different cherry wines.
Napa Valley is most famous for it's wine production so in honor of the Napa Valley I added wine to the granola. 
Honey is produced in abundance in the Napa Valley.
When I was choosing a spice to add to the granola I researched where most spices are produced.  Few are produced in the United States.  Coriander is produced in the United State in cooler climates like Oregon and in Canada.  I decided to use the coriander in honor of a North American Granola homage.  The flax seeds are native to Canada where it is a large crop for that Country.

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