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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jodie's Baby Breath and Sticks Wedding Cake

This is my first cheesecake wedding cake. The bottom tier is a 14" and it has a layer of white cake that was split in half and then in the middle was a vanilla cream cheesecake with raspberry swirls. The other cakes are 10" and 6" turtle cheesecakes. The whole cake is frosted in cream cheese frosting.

The decoration is a silver ribbon around the base and then babies breath are swirled around the cakes. It took about 1 1/2 hours to put all the baby's breath on the cake. If you look closely you will see silver painted sticks within the babies breath.

Turtle cheesecake slice

white cake with raspberry cheesecake filling slice.


  1. I am sooo in need of a slice...or 3..absolutely beautifull and delicious !

  2. Hi, I was just searching about putting baby's breath on a cake and your blog came up. Beautiful cake, by the way! What did you put under the baby's breath? I am making a wedding cake in a couple of weeks and the bride wants baby's breath on the cake...wasn't sure what to put underneath it?

    1. Hi Courtney, How exciting you are doing a baby's breath cake. Would love a link to the picture if you post it.
      What we did was first build up a ring of baby's breath on the base with the long stems going in then we placed the cake on top of the ring. The cake was stacked and had the ribbon around it but there was no covering of the cardboard that is between the cakes. I then put the baby's breath underneath the cardboard that separated the cakes. There was so much baby's breath that you could not see the cardboard sticking out. It took a long time to cut all the little pieces of baby's breath and place it all. I hope that answered your question. Good luck with your cake!!!